How do we do it?

From every analyzed level, we enter with 12 lots
Stop Loss is kept at 3 to 5 points

These Entry Levels are given to Paid clients only
Clients will enter and exit as per the strategy

Earned Profit is literally invested into buying Physical Gold

This is HOW we do it: Refer below live and practical analysis

How much Investment is required?

Investment required = $10000
Risk = $2500 (25%)
Risk Reward = 3 : 40

Verify Screenshots with Date and GMT Time locked

1480-1520=40point Gain
$10000 USD can trade = 12lot easily with 25% Risk of Capital
1point Up/Down=$1200 Profit/Loss@ 12lot
40point x $1200= $48000 Profit
1KG of Gold Price =$48378.19

BUY 1 KG of PHYSICAL GOLD and put in safe deposit for SAVING/PENSION/RAINY DAYS/RETIREMENT and trade again with $10000 by our Level with “0” RISK

Check our PREVIOUS Trades

28-Oct-19 kg physical gold 1st time
01-Nov-19 kg physical gold 2nd time
05-Dec-19 kg physical gold 3rd time
31-Dec-19 kg physical gold 4th time
03-Jan-19 kg physical gold 5th time
08-Jan-19 kg Physical gold 6th time
21-Jan-19 kg Physical gold 7th time
27-Jan-20 kg Physical gold 8th time
16-Feb-20 kg Physical gold 9th time
22-Feb-20 kg Physical gold 10th time
24-Feb-20 kg Physical gold 11th time
04-Mar-20 kg Physical gold 12th time
04-Mar-20 kg Physical gold 13th time

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