Handshake with China from the USA for the 2024 Elections.

» U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on four days trip in China to meet top officials.

» In the last two days, 10 hours of meeting have been productive, reliable, and moving forward.

» The U.S. seeks to restrain investment in Chinese chips, A.I., and quantum computing as per the latest update from the USA, and at the same time, this visit is going on for the new relationship between USA and China.

» As per the latest development, Ms. Yellen said that investment restrictions only for some sectors.

» Two powerful nations will stabilize or want to cool down Xi Jinping.

» Dollar is loosing value and new currency is going to launch from the BRICS Nations.

» War is still not ended, and due to massive support to Ukraine, Russia is already very angry with the U.S. government. China and Russia are good friends and more potent if they come together, and that’s the fear the USA wants to overcome.

» As per Ms. Yellen and Joe Biden’s joint statement, they are not finding any power conflict between the USA and China.

» China and the USA have a significant disagreement in trade relations and want to communicate directly.

» Europe, U.K., and Middle Eastern investors also want to invest in China, so this constructive discussion from Ms. Yellen will open a new relationship between China and USA.

A significant impact of these four days’ visit on different currency pairs:

» Dollar can be more robust if trade relations improve for China and USA.

» EURO and GBP also get more robust as doors are open for them to invest in China.

» China can do more export, and after covid, this will be the biggest deal for them, and the Chinese Yuan will be stronger after a long time.

This is just a publicity stunt from the USA to keep the Dollar more vital to dominate the world.

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