Invest USDX profit in BITCOIN

Reinvestment Strategy

USDX has a peculiar property of trading on one side. USDX upside move also benefits us though we sell it only. SELL USDX is in the hedge with SELL EURUSD so we never miss the momentum.

our new Reinvestment strategy with USDX

Every week’s Profit made in USDX we invest 50% in BITCOIN

Starting this week

This week’s USDX profit
JanWeek1 – $3080

50% of $3000
$1500 worth of Bitcoin Bought
0.21 BTC bought

Learn more of the Investment Strategies here with us
Diversify your profit/investment
Reinvest in more promising future
Not only you will Earn but over a period of time you will build great wealth

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