Investor Facilitation

Performance Report


Account since = 24 – Sept – 2019
Base Capital $10000 USD
Withdrawal = $500 USD
Currency Traded = All major Currency Pairs
85% Accuracy

Broker – SuperForex
Account Number – 397667
Server – SuperForex-Real
Investor Pswd = FOREXtrade1

First update on telegram


Why Demo?
A client can observe our performance without taking any risk. This facility is available only to clients with the capital size of more than $500,000 USD.

Deposit: $10000 USD
Deposit Date: 9th Mar, 2020
Trading Start Date: 9th Mar, 2020
Net Profit as on 9th Apr, 2020: $22,070 USD
ROI: 220% in a month

Investor ID and Password
Broker: TickMill
Server: Tickmill Demo UK
Account: 2090616341
Investor Password: BBnmKe2N53

Google Drive link to view statement:

Complete Video on Profit Sharing and Fees Payment

GMT Time of Trading:
Trading will initially Monday to Friday @ 7:30 pm GMT to 3:30 pm GMT
Trades may remain open from 4 hours to 8 hours

Live Accounts Handled by Company 
(Portfolio Tracker)

What Client can Expect?

Parameters Risk Preference – Conservative Risk Preference – Safe Risk Preference – Moderate Risk Preference – Aggressive
Expected Monthly ROI 11% to 20% 22% to 44% 55% to 110% 110% to 220%
Risk on Capital 5% to 7% 10% to 14% 25% to 35% 50% to 70%
Lot Size 1lot/$100,000 USD 2lot/$100,000 USD 5lot/$100,000 USD 10/$100,000 USD
Profit Withdrawal All at client’s discretion All at client’s discretion All at client’s discretion All at client’s discretion

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