Live-REAL Statements

ForexTrade1 Live -REAL Statement FBS1

ForexTrade1 Live Account FBS2

ForexTrade1 Live Account FBS3

Live Real Account with EURUSD only

$1.2 Million USD Profit Account

900k Real Account

XAUUSD = Safe Retrun with Small Risk

50k to 300k EUR GBP only

$280k Net Profit EURUSD only

$50k Net Profit – EURUSD & GBPUSD

3 Accounts = $1K, $10K, $100K Capital

1k 10k 100k – 2proof Video

10, 100 n 1000 usd account

EURUSD only $100k Profit

EURUSD only $108k Profit

Repeat Acc $20k Profit Real FBS1

$270k Net Profit – 5 Currency Trading

Repeat Acc $5k profit in 1month

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