Predicting Gold’s Reaction to Upcoming Durable Goods Orders and Consumer Confidence Data (27-2-2024)

Today’s given signal :

Positive US Durable Goods Orders:

Durable goods orders are a measure of the total value of orders placed with domestic manufacturers for goods expected to be used for at least three years. When these orders increase, it suggests that businesses are investing in capital goods and is a sign of economic expansion. The recent rise in US durable goods orders has given investors’ confidence in the market, reducing the need for gold as a safe-haven asset.

Rising Consumer Confidence:

Consumer confidence is a measure of how optimistic consumers are about their personal financial situation and the overall state of the economy. Higher consumer confidence readings generally indicate increased consumer spending, which can boost economic growth. The recent increase in US consumer confidence numbers has strengthened investor sentiment, reducing the need for gold as a hedge against potential financial instability.

Impact on Gold Price:

When positive economic indicators such as US durable goods orders and consumer confidence numbers rise, it suggests that the economy is doing well and that investors are less worried about systemic risks. This reduced demand for gold as a hedge against market volatility has led to a decline in its price.

Previous released data results:

On last data (30-1-2024) we predict SELL XAUUSD as for higher Consumer Confidence Data price was fall.

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