Highlights of Pumping/Dumping Signals:

  • No need to trade daily.
  • Short-term trend trading.
  • Trade place as per the data.
  • Reward: 100-500 pips gain in currency pairs.
    For Gold: 20-100 points gain.
  • Risk:10%.
  • Accuracy: 90-99%
  • Traders get higher results under the copytrade service.
  • Lot size variable based on the data.
  • One trade is enough for weekly or monthly gain.
  • Maximum 15 required to trade on pumping/dumping signals.
  • Volume traded nearly 3-5 Trillion on a respective signal.
  • Institution traders, Investors, and most hedge fund managers are trading to gain huge profits.
  • Traders are taking advantage of significant funds added by Hedge fund managers.
  • No pain due to accurate analysis and signal delivery, minimum 4 to 5 hours before the data release.
  • Anytime can trade till the data is not released.
  • Signal is working for all the timeframes and sessions.
  • Newbie in forex can take added advantage of these signals to gain good profit.
  • Minimum $500 to $1000 investment required.

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