Q16 Why free trader make Loss

Paid clients do get the proper stop-loss target and Proper Entry and profit booking signal in advance. Free Trader gets the only direction of the signal. The paid client gets well in advance update regarding the time of Signal to be generated so that they can set an alarm.

» Free Trader don’t know capital management, Risk and Reward Pattern while Paid gets proper information.

» Free Trader trade Emotion-Driven Trading like for e.g. “I want to make profit” “I want to recover my Loss”. This is wrong.

» Trading should be done keeping Professionalism and Discipline… keeping emotions aside, Trade with strategy and God willing will earn PROFIT only.

» Company doesn’t want Free CLIENT to trade through Free Platform Risking their HARD-EARNED money putting it at high risk.

» Paid platform Client gets…

  1. Personalised assistance
  2. Chat assistance
  3. Risk & Reward pattern
  4. Technical assistance
  5. Instrument-based Research
  6. Precise and Accurate update
  7. Entry EXIT and Stop Loss level.

The free trial is to check our accuracy as it is unlimited  >>  Telegram.me/forextrade1

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