Q25 Why less SL getting hit

We are a multinational company having strong Technical and Financial backup.

Disciplined and Dedicated trading leads to more effective trade. Effective in terms of profit.

Our strategies and tactics are designed in such a way that chances of getting SLs hit reduces and once we realize the profit we never trade for more.
[THUMBE RULE > Never Make Profitable Call to Loss call]

The most trader makes the profit but eventually at the end of the day they lose because they do not strategies their trading. Whereas we teach proper Capital Management so profit can be turned into Hard Cash and you can take it home.

The most advisory is showing dream by creating good old dead excels sheet, while we focus only on trading. We trade, we show live performance and We prove it in front of everyone & every single day.

Once we book the profit, the second entry is always strategized by putting SL near the entry so even if the SL is hit you don’t lose. You can actually take the profit.

We work on very strong Economical Parameters, Technical Analysis and Insider volume where big players buy and sell. So the efficiency of each call is proven daily and at its best. We believe in live performance and we prove it.

Most Traders lose money. WHY? Because out of the Greed, Lack of discipline and in a run to earn more money they lose big time. Discipline is almost forgotten along the way. We keep our money at stake and our losses in control if any.

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