Trade & Money Management – PROFIT REINVESTMENT

Simplified Explanation
we will take 2 MT4 Account of yours

1st Account will be traded with 5% ROI/monthly SAFEST STRATEGY – Consistently – NO Change in Risk-Reward for 2 years, now Profit of 1st Account will be invested in 2nd MT4 account

2nd Account will be traded with HIGH-RISK-REWARD STRATEGY i.e. 50% ROI/Month (10time more than 1st Account )
Lot size too will be compounded as profit increases

Watch Read and Study PDF on Google Drive =

Profit Reinvestment Strategy Practically applied in Client’s MT4 Account
2 other accounts of one client where we will apply our strategy in which 1st Main Account we will trade with fixed ROI 5% near 1st Account Capital = $100k Net Profit of 1st Account = $16970 and profit of 1st Account = $16000, invested in 2nd Account Deposit = $16000 (Profit of 1st Account) 2nd account we will trade with High-Risk High Reward Pattern Projected ROI 50% /month 10 times lot size that of 1st Account and with profit rise we will increase lot size in 2nd Account

How Compounding Profit Auto Lot Plugin work in CopyTrade service?
check how you can multiply your revenue with each profit you earn. our Compounding Profit Auto-Lot size plugin will help you each time more than the last trade. How can you trade with less risk and multiply your profit in each new trade you place.? This video will help you understand how our plugin works and how to apply.

CopyTrade – How Compounding-Profit Auto-LOT size selector works?
This particular plugin would Auto-Calculate lot size for the trade as per clients’ capital. for example, IF client’s initial deposit is $10000 USD Then, the standard lot size for $10k account is 1 lot now let’s assume client’s profit is $1000 USD in 1-day balance = $11000 USD NOW new trade will have 1.1 lot size as $1000 USD added This Compounding Profit Auto lot size selector would give tremendous results over a long period. with $10000 USD capital with 10% ROI a month within 360 days, your total profit would be $22.5k with Compounding Profit Plug-in
Watch Live Video recorded for the same statement showing strategy implemented


Watch full statement in Google Drive

Dear Traders, Please note that the above statement has more than 277 pages and 8000+ Trades so it may take some time to download/get updated, Please keep patience and verify full statement to acknowledge our strategy worked miraculously –

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  1. Sir…i like to see ure signal it genuine can make profit or not.
    i like to make sure,if all done and can make profit..i will beleive what is a real & genuine ,legit in forex trade.

    1. How to read our free signals for the trade?

      All 3 videos will give you complete information about us and as per that one you can easily trade it.

      If you still unable to trade it will guide you accordingly.

      If you have more questions about the trade then contact us on Telegram/Whatsapp.

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