US FOMC Statement + Fed Interest Rate Decision & FOMC Press Conference – 1-11-2023



The Federal Reserve’s interest rate decision is influenced by the performance of the US economy and the speeches by FED Chairman Powell. Today’s release of the ADP data showing strong job growth adds to the importance of this decision. This presentation will analyse the impact of these factors on the Fed’s rate decision.

US Economy Performance

The strong US economy with robust indicators such as GDP growth and low unemployment creates a favorable environment for the Fed to consider raising interest rates. A strong economy indicates a need to prevent inflationary pressures and maintain stability. The Fed’s rate decision will reflect its assessment of the economy’s performance.

Hawkish Speech by FED Powell

FED Chairman Powell’s hawkish speech indicates a more aggressive stance towards inflation and potential interest rate hikes. His statements can influence market expectations and impact the Fed’s decision. A hawkish tone suggests a higher probability of rate increases, which can have implications for borrowing costs and economic growth.

Considering the strong US economy, hawkish speech by FED Powell, and good ADP data, the Federal Reserve faces a crucial decision regarding interest rates. The outcome of this decision will have implications for various sectors of the economy, such as borrowing costs, investment decisions, and financial market stability.

FOMC Press Conference

Insights from the Chair: The FOMC press conference is held quarterly after the committee’s monetary policy meetings. The Federal Reserve Chair presents an assessment of the current economic landscape, discusses policy decisions, and answers questions from journalists. These press conferences offer valuable insights into the Fed’s thinking and future policy direction.

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On last Fed Interest Rate Decision data (20-9-2023) we predict to SELL XAUUSD as for extreme overbought level and Powell speech so GOLD fall.

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