What is Forex VPS Hosting?

It’s no secret that traders are always looking for ways to optimize their trading environment for the best possible performance, in order to eliminate slippage and increase profits. Whether you’re new to the industry or an experienced trader, you’ve probably already heard a lot about Forex VPS Hosting. In this article we’ll break down what exactly Forex VPS Hosting is, and how it greatly benefits Forex traders.

What is VPS Hosting

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a form of hosting where one physical server is partitioned with hypervisor technology to create multiple virtual servers, each with their own set resources. A VPS is oftentimes referred to as the middle ground between dedicated and shared hosting, as it simulates the environment of a dedicated server within a shared server.

VPS hosting has become an increasingly popular hosting choice amongst many industries, one of those being the financial market. That brings us onto our next point — what are the benefits of using Forex VPS Hosting?

The benefits of Forex VPS Hosting

As we’re sure you already know, performance is everything when it comes to Forex trading. In a nutshell, having the right resources will hugely affect your trading success and VPS hosting has become a key component in reaching it. Here are our top 4 benefits of opting for Forex VPS Hosting.

Automated trading

Probably the main reason why VPS hosting is so beneficial for Forex trading is that it keeps you online and trading around-the-clock, even when your personal computer is switched off. That’s right — a VPS runs remotely so you can be sure that your trading software, cBots and Expert Advisors (EA) are always online, under any circumstance, like power outages or a loss of connectivity. Ultimately, a VPS provides unwavering reliability which is essential to your trading strategy.

Low latency

Every millisecond matters in Forex trading, so any way to reduce latency will make a huge difference to your overall success. Opting for a VPS within close proximity of your Forex Broker ensures super low latency and improved execution, meaning minimal slippage and losses. Delays in execution are obviously detrimental and a VPS helps combat this.


Forex traders definitely know the importance of having measures in place to safeguard them from any potential threats. With cyber-attacks and security breaches being rife in the Forex industry, a VPS helps mitigate risks and downtime with added security solutions like DDoS Protection.

Cost effective

As beneficial as it is, you may be surprised to find out that VPS hosting is actually very affordable. It will certainly improve your profitability so as far as we’re concerned, it’s a bargain! Our plans start from as little as €9.99 per month with the option to save more when you pay yearly.

Forex VPS Hosting

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