YouTube Main Account vs. CopyTrade/DEMO Accounts

Why YouTube Live Streaming cannot be connected with a small size copy trade or DEMO accounts?

» Company has many clients with a capital of more than 1 million and/or above. YouTube Live Streaming account is very well funded with more than $1 Million to $2 Million US Dollar. 

» Risk/Reward factor with this account is different compared to small size copy trade account.

» Company main account has many signals running at a time with large lot sizes and sometimes big Stop Loss &  also use hedging and contra Signal which practically becomes impossible for small size capital to copy trades from main accounts.

» High capital has a greater risk with handsome earning potentials. High risk-bearing capacity clients do not take small profits they look for greater returns and that is why their account has multiple signals with multiple strategies like scalping hedging swing and trend trading. Upon the circumstances of the adverse situation, we may add more positions that are not suitable for small-sized accounts.

» Live streaming account holding capacity is higher as in that account we are holding signals for 7 days to sometimes 2months or more.

Main Accounts has multiple strategies applied with more than 400 charts with a time frame used from 5 minutes to weekly bars.

More strategies, with multiple MT4/MT5 plugins, bring the high connection cost from $10000 USD to $15000 USD per account.

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