EURO CPI (Consumer Price Index) forecast – 5-1-2024

Inflation statistics

A good or service – or a group of goods or services – has a different inflation rate than another. An inflation measure based on a shopping basket of goods and services typically purchased by households gives an overview of the general price rise.

There was a 6.9% inflation rate in November 2023 for food and non-alcoholic beverages, and a 2.2% rate for clothing and footwear in the euro area. In the same month, euro area inflation was 2.4%.

Interactive visuals allow you to see inflation rates for each category of goods and services in your country. Inflation rates can also be compared between countries and categories.

Today’s given signal :

Inflation perceptions are normally higher than measured inflation

Measured and perceived inflation can differ greatly, especially during major changes. People may even lose trust in official statistics because of these differences.

Currency changes, such as the adoption of the euro, may cause such a situation. Euro area countries experienced extremely high inflation after switching from their national currency to the euro.

Using survey data for inflation perceptions, we can see how they have changed since 2004 – two years after the euro replaced the national currencies of countries that joined the euro area. Perceived inflation, as shown here by the “median”, is much higher than measured inflation, as measured inflation is much higher. Despite an apparent reduction, a gap still exists between perceived and actual inflation in the euro area.

Inflation perceptions vary a lot – take a look at the “corridor” around the median in the interactive visual. Each of us has a different perception of inflation because we all shop differently. Next, you can try out the personal inflation calculator to find out what yours is.

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On last CPI data (19-12-2023) we predict to BUY EURUSD as for EURO surprise CPI data helped EURO to get more bullish move.

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